How To Increase Amazon Sales Rank

Increasing Amazon Sales Rank

Are you looking to have increase your amazon sales rank? You’re not the only one! Once you’ve gone through with the entire process of setting up an Amazon business or if you already have an established Amazon business, the big and important question your team will often be working on, almost every day, will be: How to increase Amazon sales rank?

Having a high product ranking on Amazon is every Amazon seller’s aim as the higher their sales rank, the better and greater chances they have of increasing sales and ultimately, revenue. Your product ranking high on Amazon have a great impact on your brand image and the response from customers. Hence, as an Amazon seller, it would work in your favor to think extensively on how to increase Amazon sales rank and actually work towards it.

AMZ SEO HUB, is one of the most established Amazon Ranking Expert service providers and is committed to providing you with some of the best Amazon ranking services in US. Our skilled and experienced Amazon Ranking Experts and all other competent team members have advanced knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best Amazon SEO services available today. In this article, our talented team will be discussing some tips on how to increase your product ranking on Amazon to help your business be on top!

Below are 8 effective ways that can help you and your team in times when you are exploring options on how to increase Amazon sales rank significantly.

Increase Traffic To Your Amazon Product Listing

Increasing the inflow of new customers from outside sources by targeting these sources can help you improve greatly. Increasing traffic to your amazon listing from external sources will result in your business developing a competitive edge and that edge will reflect in your business’ spiked ROI. These pros will essentially make your products stand out in their category, increasing their Amazon sales rank. You can do the following to attract outside traffic:

  • Collaborate with social media influencers
  • Keep your blog regularly updated
  • Strengthen your following base by working with active affiliate Amazon marketers
  • Invest effort and time in social media campaigns
  • Take part in important and widely discussed communities and forums

increase traffic to your amazon product listing

Carrying Out Thorough Amazon Keyword Research

When considering options and drawing strategies on how to increase Amazon sales rank, many sellers overlook the importance of choosing and including relevant keywords in their product description, title and backend keywords. This negligence costs them as it restricts their product viewing greatly which in return affects sales negatively and eventually leads to an undesirable sales ranking.

We, as a leading Amazon Marketing Agency, believe that in order to have a highly ranked product, you must pay attention to your Amazon keyword ranking and inclusion. It is recommended by our team that you opt for relevant keywords and even include some in your product’s title to maximize its chances of attracting buyers and appearing in common search-results. Using an Amazon Keyword Tool and Amazon Keyword Tracker are useful if you’re opting for the ‘DIY’ solution.

Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing

Suitably crafted Amazon product listings, which are optimized, will help you acquire a high rate of conversion. These high rates will back you up by increasing long-term sales for you. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for your product listing to be as unique and distinguishable as possible. An effective product listing would include an attractive product description, extensive but relevant tagging as well as professional, high-quality product images to give your customers a clear view of your product.

Offering Quick Order Shipping and Processing

Thinking how to increase Amazon sales rank? Take a look at your highly ranked competitors, more importantly at the #1 rank, and the features they offer. You will most definitely find them offering speedy shipments and processing.

Ensuring that your customer is satisfied and happy with your service, product and brand is vital for the success of your business in every aspect, including Amazon sales ranking. Staying consistent, error-free and efficient while processing and shipping customer orders will work in your favor, leading to a reduction in complaints related to order processing and delivery. Your speed and accuracy might even encourage important customer feedback & word-of-mouth.

USPS mail truck offering quick delivery of Amazon Seller orders

Figuring Out Top Amazon Categories

Using top-level categories can work greatly for an Amazon business that is reasoning on how to increase Amazon sales rank- all of them are! These categories play a key role here as they have a significant influence on your product’s search result visibility, which has a somewhat direct impact on your Amazon ranking. Researching categories and targeting top-level categories when listing your products up for sale on Amazon is, hence, quite critical for your product’s journey towards a high Amazon rank.

Product Reviews = Increased Amazon Sales Rank

This option is widely known and integrated by many businesses who work and think on how to increase Amazon sales rank due to its simplicity and its role in the entire product ranking cycle.

The cycle works this way: positive customer reviews and feedbacks-a result of your brand’s consistent quality, service, speed, etcetera-will directly increase your Amazon sales rank. This positive image will in turn increase sales by encouraging customers to buy from you. Increased sales will ultimately affect your rank positively which will, again, entice positive feedbacks.

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The Role Played by Time On-page & Bounce Rate

As an Amazon seller, you should know that Amazon measures how customers and buyers interact with the website by tracking the time spent on one page and its bounce-rate statistics.

When a customer spends a certain amount of time on a product listing page and views that product’s feedbacks, reviews and product descriptions, Amazon takes this type of ‘extensive’ interaction as a positive one. On the other hand, if the customer bounces off of your page after just scrolling quickly through it, a negative signal is sent to Amazon which doesn’t work to increase Amazon sales rank for your product and instead, lowers it.

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Managing Product Availability 

The development of effective and efficient inventory management techniques when your marketing department thinks on how to increase Amazon sales rank is extremely vital as this is one of the factors that drive customer satisfaction. To achieve this, one of the things you need to do is ensure that no customer leaves your page after finding out that the product they were looking for is not in stock.

Satisfied customers lead to steady or increasing sales, which eventually diverts your Amazon sales rank in a positive and desirable direction; right to the top!


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