How To Get Amazon Reviews For New Products

Published on June 28, 2019 by amzseohub

Reviews on Amazon hold immense importance for buyers as they reinforce the value of the products and the seller. Amazon has grown to become a giant e-commerce platform where industries are reviewed by customers on an average of 5%. This is an indication of the fact that the possibility of a new product being reviewed is nearly impossible. It has been quite challenging for Amazon to overcome the fraudulent activity of sellers buying amazon verified reviews.

In the process of eliminating the possibilities of fake Amazon reviews, it went ahead and revised their terms of service repeatedly. However, that has raised barriers for new products entering the Amazon marketplace.  Amazon products without any reviews fail to attract sales or rank higher in terms of search results on the web. On the other hand, PPC campaigns required some capital investment where risk prevails considering that the product has received no reviews.

The hurdles encountered are yet to be hacked and majority of the blogs you see online claim to have done that which is honestly far from the truth. Claims of being able to save you money naturally do not work.

We have formulated a strategy which will indeed work but at a cost. In order to effectively receive the best Amazon reviews from the customer base you need to fulfill and consider Amazons terms of services (TOS).

Initially, Request reviews in a neutral unbiased manner. Furthermore, making an offering against best Amazon reviews introduces bias and influence which goes against Amazons TOS. Don’t trust Amazon Review Services, they could get you barred from selling on Amazon. Not to mention savvy consumers are looking to authencity services to ensure reviews are legitmate.


Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing 

To begin with content optimization would be the road to take. Amazon utilizes algorithms that analyze the relevance and the probability of demand to organize the listed products. Therefore, inclusion of relevant commonly searched words in your listing would prove to be rewarding. To further understand this, one should ponder over human psychology and how it leads to formulation of decisions for individuals. People dig what they can understand and affiliate with. Not only does this attract sales but as a result bring in a number of best Amazon reviews moving you up in rank. In the long run this would be rewarding as aforementioned however the vendors are concerned regarding the short run which is why we’ll be looking at the second aspect now.

Customer Service

Understand the customer perspective and treat your customers as you would want to be treated. The marketing mix revolves are the customer wants and needs, their convenience which is why vendors should accommodate the client in the best possible way with the realization of the power of word of mouth. For instance, not having a customer satisfied with your product and yet your service over their product be it refunds or what so ever would lead to a happy customer who would in return want to leave you the best Amazon review regarding your service.

This bring us back to square one which is the short run sales and will be talked about later in the article.

Sell Satisfaction

Whatever product you are selling the need to understand the customer wants and needs is essential. Your product needs to excite the buyer and that excitement would lead to the best Amazon review posted however if your product fails to satisfy the customer needs and wants it will result in a bad review declining your probability to sell over the algorithm deployed by Amazon.

Your product needs to excite the buyer and that excitement would lead to the best Amazon review posted.


Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Amazon has a treat to offer for those registered in the United States having less than 5 reviews and costing above $15. Against a $60 fee Amazon offers to send e-mails to individuals who buy your products offering them rewards against reviews from $1 to $3. As soon as you obtain 5 reviews the program is eliminated or a year has passed. Again, human psychology suggests that most individuals provide best Amazon reviews when monetary rewards are involved. Therefore, it is advised that buyers make use of such services as it can have a very productive effect.

Vine Voices

Though this is costly and limited to vendors only. This reviewer program ensures best Amazon reviews. Under this reviewer program reliable customers are invited to provide useful feedback regarding a product. The customer who choose to participate are sent free samples for them to test and review. The fee ranges between $2,500 – $7,500. The vendors are limited to submission of the number of products depending on the category.

One of the most common practices that prevails when it comes to generating the best Amazon reviews is by adding promotional materials to your packages. However, despite the almost certain feedback it is important to have a customer base in the first place.


One of the most common practices that prevails when it comes to generating the best Amazon reviews is by adding promotional materials to your packages. However, despite the almost certain feedback it is important to have a customer base in the first place.

The discount code mechanism never fails as well and is perhaps one of the most popular ways of generating customer feedback. No customer dislikes incentives which makes this a go to measure.

Email lists are a pretty good idea as well and is a great way of developing product awareness. The downside is only 1% of those are actually opened, read or even followed. Building rapport with your customers through email lists can lead to the best Amazon reviews. Another drawback is filtered mailboxes and the fact that most of your ads sent via email will never be opened in the first place.

Setting up a facebook bot is another very explorable idea as it opens up a means on interaction and communication with potential consumers. The idea is to create a friendly user experience so that customers can select pre given options and the bot will follow with a series of results. Since the majority of the population who shop on the internet are more than familiar with using mobile chat boxes, Facebook bots are an excellent way of generating the best Amazon reviews given it’s easy to use interface and the overall satisfying means of communication.

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