How To Add A User To Amazon Seller Central

Published on March 25, 2019 by amzseohub

As an Amazon seller, when you initially set up your Seller Central account, only you are initially able access your account tools and features. However, you have the option to grant access and share your Seller Central account with co-workers, co-owners or account managers so that they can perform tasks such as editing listing information or handling shipping confirmations.

Amazon Seller Central uses an invitation model to manage their user accounts. Firstly, the additional user will be invited to create an account on Seller Central to access your storefront. Then you, the account manager, will configure the permissions for that user. Please find below a step by step guide for how to invite a new user to your seller central account on Amazon:

Step 1:

Before they are able to add users, the account manager must first set up an initial Seller Central account using the Amazon Checkout registration process.

Once the account is set up, the account manager is ready to invite new users to Seller Central  and determine the respective rights for those users.

Step 2:

The account manager must send an email invitation to the appointed new user which will contain a link to the manager’s Seller Central account.

To send an email invitation you must first log in to your Seller Central account, then :

Click Settings → Click User Permissions → Enter the Name and Email of the New User → Click Send Invitation

Step 3:

The user must then check their inbox and follow the link included in the email invitation. This link will navigate them to a page that gives instructions for them to follow to become a current user on your account. After the invitation process is complete, the new user has a username and password to access your system.

Step 4:

The next step is for the account administrator to assign the appropriate rights to that user.

To edit new user permissions :

Click Settings → Click User Permissions → Click Edit next to the account you want to change → Click the button next to each tool you want to give the user access for on your account

By setting user permissions, your appointed new users can complete tasks such as managing inventory or dealing with shipping confirmations. However, account credentials are unique and confidential information should not be be shared with anyone.

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