3 Steps To Improve Amazon Ranking, Drive Traffic And Explode Sales

Published on February 19, 2019 by amzseohub

There are 3 core elements at the heart of any Amazon SEO Strategy worth its salt:

  1. The Product: The product side of marketing deals with conveying the superiority of the product.
  2. Paid Marketing Strategies: Paid strategies like headline search, video ads, sponsored products and other display ads make for an essential part of time-bound Amazon marketing campaigns.
  3. Organic Marketing Strategies: These include optimising on and off page factors to improve sales in a completely organic way.

In this 3-step guide, we will focus on organic marketing strategies for Amazon product listings.

Step 1: Aligning Keyword Research To Customers

Because Amazon is such a colossal marketplace, ‘getting found’ by the right people can be a challenge. If you don’t know who your potential customer wants and their pain points, your Amazon listings are going to struggle. Careful customer segmentation (the process of placing your customer population into cohorts based on their attributes, interests, and behaviors) allows you to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and know exactly what their search intent is. Highly targeted keyword research lets you stay on top of the changing market currents and keep your listing ranking for evergreen keywords while still exploiting short-lived yet powerful trends.

Step 2: Product Listing Optimisation

Optimization is the key to survival on Amazon and competition analysis is always a great pace to start. Look at it this way, your competitors have already done the hard work for you-  A/B testing, full keyword research campaigns, split testing titles, bullet points and images. Monitor closely the keywords, copy, features, benefits and images your most profitable competitors are using and make sure they are present in your own listing copywriting.

Step 3: Product Development Improvements

To see the best results from your Amazon marketing strategy, you first need a product that fills a demand. Don’t fall into the twilight zone of hundreds of listings that aren’t profitable. Product development is the most sustainable force behind Amazon sales. Strategize and implement improvements into your physical product. Add features, reduce manufacturing costs, fix  problems other products have etc, etc. Ask yourself key questions: How is our product different? What pain points does it solve for the buyer?

These are just a fraction of the proprietary Amazon marketing strategy we use to help thousands of clients grow their Amazon businesses by placing a focus on increasing organic rankings first. Being an Amazon Seller isn’t a walk in the park. We know how to unlock the massive potential that lie in the Amazon marketplace with our unique amazon listing optimization service. Need more help? Let’s talk!

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